Thursday, May 5, 2016

WOBBLE Update: O is for Olympics!

About this Challenge
◈ Olympic Games is the second of six challenges within our W.O.B.B.L.E Event
◈ Olympic Games will last 3 weeks and has 5 events
◈ All Members participation in 3 of Olympic Events is required (must be able to read at least 1 book per week for 3 weeks)
◈ Individual Events have their own rules and points system, please review carefully
◈ Olympic Games WILL require Team Work, you MUST be able to communicate regularly with your team
◈ Books may be used for one event/task across all Wobble Events
◈ Unlike Leprechaun, books can not be used to cover multiple events/tasks
◈ All Questions go to Captains/Co-Captains who have majority in decision making
◈ Any questions Captains/Co-Captains cannot answer may be taken to mods BY Captain/Co-Captain only

Wobble Pre-Challenge Chat

***Please note, our Ancient Olympic games are of and for NBRC group only. This segment of WOBBLE is not connected in any way to any other groups that may also be doing Olympic events.

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