Tuesday, May 10, 2016


WOBBLE rules have been posted here

◈Those people who want to keep their Profiles Private, must be willing to "Friend" their Team Captain(s), the NBRC Mod account, or one of the Moderators, to allow page count verification and to assist you if you are having difficulty with your 
◈ Books must be started after the start date of the challenge to count towards the challenge 
Books must be />100 pages. NOTE: This number is lower than our other team challenges! 
    For page number questions, please check with your captain who can ask in the Captains group for verification.
Audio books are allowed. (For page numbers, use the "default" GR book page numbers.)
No graphic novels. (Sorry.)
Boxed sets are not considered as "one book" and need to be shelved as separate books
No little children's books less than 25,000 words.ArBookFind is a great site to double check. If in doubt, ask your captain.
Any genre counts.
Any book in any language will count, as long as it meets the criteria.
"Re-reads" will be allowed, if it has been six months since you have read the book. This includes listening to the audio version, if you've already read the book. 
This challenge involves adding a special bookshelf to your personal 
    GRs bookshelves other than "read." You may choose a preexisting one. 
Please wait to be told to which Team you are assigned. It might take awhile; however,
    you will be able to count the books you have read from the START date of the challenge.
Once you actually join, please check-in with your team discussion thread by posting the name of your bookshelf. 
    Remember to add a HYPHEN between words for your bookshelf. 
Helpful Tip: Knowing about Sticky Shelves may help you put your assigned 
    bookshelf near the top of your dropdown box.
With MOBILE DEVICES there have been major problems when trying to 
    add books. If that is all you have to access the Internet, or you don't know how to Cut & Paste
    on it, then this challenge probably is NOT the right fit for you. 
Discussion threads will be in the regular NBRC group.
You do NOT have to join the discussion, if you don't want to; communicating
    via posting a book is good enough. Nevertheless, Your Team wants to know if you are
    still participating. We understand Real Life gets in the way. However, please plan to 
    "check-in" in some manner at least once every week. If we don't hear from you for two weeks, you may be replaced with another team member

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