Monday, May 9, 2016

WOBBLE UPDATE: E is for.... Emerge the Victor!

E is for Emerge the Victor!

About this Challenge
◈ Emerge the Victor is the last of six challenges within our W.O.B.B.L.E Event
◈ Emerge the Victor will last 4 weeks and is a Multi Player version of our popular Novel RPG
◈ Each team will level up their own hero based on action cards given to them.
◈ Action cards may be discarded occasionally and are replaced when completed or discarded.
◈ Every week, heroes will battle each other in a live turn by turn battle.
◈ Books may be used for one event/task across all Wobble Events
◈ Unlike Leprechaun, books can not be used to cover multiple events/tasks
◈ All Questions go to Captains/Co-Captains who have majority in decision making
◈ Any questions Captains/Co-Captains cannot answer may be taken to mods BY Captain/Co-Captain only

You can chat about WOBBLE at our Wobble Pre-Challenge Chat


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