Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WOBBLE is coming....

As some of you have already guessed, WOBBLE is an acronym.
Our new team challenge will be six consecutive challenges within one overarching challenge.

As such, there will be lots of things to read so we will be posting here every day with information on the challenge between May 4 and 12 to give everyone a chance to read everything and ask questions.

Sign ups will then be open from May 15

Tomorrow we will reveal what the W in WOBBLE stands for and give you the overview for that game :)

A word to the wise...
☀You can NOT sign up for some of the challenges and not others. If you sign up for WOBBLE, you are signing up for all six!

☀WOBBLE is not for the faint of heart.
☞There WILL be times that you need to find a book to read that may not have been in your reading plan
☞You MAY find yourself having to read out of your usual genres in order to find a suitable book
☞You WILL need to be able to commit to reading at least ONE book per week
☞This is a LONG challenge. It will last for about 18 weeks. (From June until October)

Wobble Pre-Challenge Chat

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