Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

May Newsletter

Books of the Month
Orphan Number Eight Aristotle and Dante Shadow of the Wind
(Click on the cover to go to discussion)

US by Sarina Bowen (NBRC Back Room BOM*) Starts May 17, 2016

New Challenges
Survive Your Own Apocalypse
CYOA: Circus & Carnival

May Challenges
Eurovision: May 2016
May NetGalley Challenge
Mostly May Idioms
May: Tea Timer Reading Challenge
Major League Baseball Season

RPG: Notice Board
Event: The Great White Dragon

BOM Nominations
Anything Goes
Young Adult
Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy
*Back Room

Gem Coins
Rainbow of Coins

Gem Coin FAQ

What are Gem Coins
- Gem Coins are Rewards received in a variety of challenges around NBRC
- Gem Coins are REWARDS for you to keep/display
- Gem Coins are NOT for competition, no prize for the "most"
- Gem Coins are rewards for you to see what challenges you have completed

How to Earn Gem Coins
- Gem Coin rewards will mainly appear within new challenges, but that's not to say they won't pop up in some older ones.
- **NOTE: Only challenges hosted by "NBRC Mods" (or current mods) will contain Gem Coins. Older hosted challenges by former Mods (not joint account) can not be changed to reflect the Coins. These challenges will never have coins unless renewed under Mod Account.
- To earn any Gem Coin, you must have to have started the challenge after April 1, 2016
- Individual Challenges / Threads will reflect the coins within the first thread or two
- There will be a thread that is kept updated that will show current ways to earn Gem Coins

What to do with Gem Coins
- Gem Coins can be used for display (think of it like a medal)
- Directions on how to post photos, and change sizes to come
- A thread will be opened where you can keep all your coins
- Direct links to coin images will be provided
- Gem Coins can be displayed in a variety of ways
1: Display all individual coins at desired size:
Emerald Gem Coin Emerald Gem Coin Emerald Gem Coin Emerald Gem Coin Emerald Gem Coin

2: Display one coin, and note how many of that coin you have:
5 Emerald Coins:
Emerald Gem Coin

3 Ruby Coins:
Emerald Gem Coin

- Gem Coins can be used to "buy" things at the Gem Coin Mine (Coming Soon)

Ruby Coin Gem Coins FAQ
Spessartite Coin Gem Coins by Challenge
Citrine Coin Gem Coins Q&A
Emerald Coin Gem Coin Mine ~ (Coming Soon)
Sapphire Coin Gem Coin Display ~ Display your Gem Coins

Prepare to Wobble

Our new TEAM CHALLENGE will be starting in June. This challenge will go for a few months and have multiple components. We will be posting the different components of the challenge over the next week in this folder so that everyone can have time to read and ask questions before we post sign-ups. If you follow our blog or Facebook page, you will receive notifications for when each section is posted. :)

NBRC Facebook Page

The Moderators of NBRC,

P.S. New to our group? Not sure where to start? We have created a new thread explaining the different areas of our group here

*You must be over 18 years old to join the NBRC Back Room

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