Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WOBBLE: Before you sign up

WOBBLE Sign ups will be open from May 15

Before you sign up, please note:
* You must be able to read at least a book every week for the duration of the challenge (18 weeks)
* You may be required to read certain books to meet the challenge requirements. If you do not want to be flexible with the books you intend to read this is NOT the challenge for you
*This is NOT a read-a-thon and WILL go for a few months, so please only sign-up if you are a consistent goodreads user and are willing to discuss books with your team mates over a period of time
*You must be willing to discuss strategy with your team and check in to your team thread at least once EVERY week
*If you only use Goodreads via the app, this is probably not the challenge for you. There is the requirement to look at Google sheets and interact on team threads which is limited if only using mobile devices

We can only make teams if we have people willing to be captains and we think you are awesome! But as this will be a fairly crazy challenge, we have some requirements:

*You must have been an active captain or co-captain in a previous team challenge with us
*You must be willing to make calls on books (colours of covers, if a goal fits etc.) and only escalate to mods where you are really unsure
*You must be able and willing to use Google sheets
*You must be over 18 years old, patient & polite with your team and encourage them in a constructive manner

We understand that there will be INCREASED requirements on captains for this challenge so therefore if we don't get enough captains we will be capping participants. (i.e. if we only get 3 captains, and 300 sign ups, we won't be having 3 teams of 100 members! ; it will be first come first served for sign ups).

We won't be sending broadcast messages about reminders of challenge start times etc. If you follow our Facebook page or blog you will be able to get those reminders, so if you haven't already, now is the time to follow us!

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