Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Waiting for Wobble Read-a-Thon ~ May 20-23

Waiting for Wobble

Waiting for Wobble ~ a 4 Day Read-a-Thon

➜ 4 Day Read-a-Thon (RaT) open to any and all
➜ You do NOT have to read every day to participate. Can read as much as 24/7 for 4 days or as little as 1 hour. As much or little as each person is able.
➜ To make it stand apart from other run of the mill RaT, this will be set up differently. There will be Daily Questions/Interactions, Daily Recommendations & an overall Task.
➜ Participation in Daily Challenges is not mandatory to join in for RaT. Join in as MANY, or as FEW, Daily Questions, Daily Recommendations, Overall Task as you would like.
➜ You don't have to read during the RaT to participate in the Daily Questions or Recommendations.
➜ Create goals to help you keep on track (page count / hours read / books read) or just go with the flow. Goals not mandatory for participation.
➜ Mandatory for RaT ----- Have FUN and READ.

Daily Questions FAQ -
╰⊰✿ Each Day will have a Daily Questions
╰⊰✿ You may choose to participate as much or as little as you'd like. You could answer all questions one day, none another, it's all up to you!

Recommendations FAQ -
Through this read-a-thon, we're going to recommend books in the hopes of putting a ton more books on our TBR! With recommendations ~
╰⊰✿ Recommendations Thread for Recommendations ONLY! Separate threads will be for Chat/Interactions and so on. Please only make your Recommendations, and nothing else, in the Recommendations Thread!
╰⊰✿ Try to recommend something not extremely popular (no Harry Potter!) We want to get new books and with extremely big series/books, people already know about them. Give us something new to want!
╰⊰✿ REMEMBER: Our group is an ALL AGES group. Please no recommendations of a mature nature. Gore and violence is ok (it's in Hunger Games after all) but nothing too over the top and no erotica please.

Tasks FAQ -
╰⊰✿ There will be one Task (suggestions for books to read)
╰⊰✿ The Task is a fun suggestion and not mandatory for participation in the RaT
╰⊰✿ You can chose to do task or not, it's up to you

Waiting for Wobble Read-a-Thon

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